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Korean National Killed Students and Secretary at Oikos University Over Teasing and Poor English Language Skills

Apr 3, 2012

Upset over being teased and expelled from Oikos University in Oakland, California, Korean national and former student in nursing at the university, One L. Goh returned to the school to seek revenge. Since he did not find the school's female administrator, he commanded the secretary to a classroom where he asked the students to line up against the wall. "I am going to kill you all," One L. Goh said. Some students refused to obey his commands. Then, he opened fire on the classroom, killing 6 students and the secretary. He also injured others who were able to escape. After the gun shots, nearby classes got dismissed as teachers as well as students were running away for cover.

Teasing and Poor English skills Turn Deadly

A student of the school reported that some students used to make fun of him, laugh at his lack of English speaking skills. He felt isolated. He just had a breakdown and lashed out.