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Teachers Post for Free or Email Their Resume to be Posted for Free in this Forum

Jan 15, 2012

Teachers Email Their Resume to be Posted for Free in this Forum

If you are a teacher or know somebody who is a teacher, here is your free opportunity to display your skills. In this forum, you can have your resume posted for free. If you have always wanted to teach in a foreign country, this may be your opportunity to get started. Thousands of foreign schools and companies are recruiting English, French, Spanish, and other ethnic language teachers to teach part-time or full-time in their countries. Countries such as Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, and Brazil import or give visas to thousands of teachers every year. They want their citizens to learn your language.

You have been reading about Brazil's economic boom. It is one of the countries that needs language teachers to be able to meet the needs of all the people who will have to deal on a global basis. And who would not want to be in Brazil these days? Sao Paolo becomes the new New York of Latin America.

Teachers can have their resume posted on this forum for free. All they have to do is to email us a copy. By sending us the copy, you authorize us to publish it in this forum. So please be specific. Tell us which country you would like to teach in and provide us with all related important info. At least include an email address for your job search.

You can post your resume in the comment area below. Or Email us at FrenchLessonPod [at]Gmail Dot Com []. All comments are moderated by staff. No spamming allowed!!

The best resumes will be featured on this podcast and related blogs! Good luck to you!

Schools, universities, and Language programs can post a job ad right here