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Jan 19, 2015

Un nouveau 'Juste Parmi les Nations' or a new 'Righteous Among the Nations, the Righteous Gentile'?

Il n'est pas Oskar Schindler.  Il est simplement un jeune Malien et Musulman pratiquant sa foie.  Mais il sauvait ses clients Jwifs a Hyper Cacher.

For his heroic, humanitarian act, his compassion, he has become famous...

L'Affaire DSK Pushes More and More People to Learn French: L'Affaire DSK Encourage Les Gens a Apprendre Le Francais. Why? Pourquoi?

Jun 7, 2011

Despite DSK's sordid affaire, there is a renewed interest in learning French. After all, French is a very important language. After English and German, French is the most used language of the world.

French is a Romance language spoken mainly in France but also in several other countries in Europe, Africa, all across the...

Jan 27, 2011


Dialogue-Building Vocabulary :



Salut ! – Hi (informal greeting)

Madame – Mrs, Ma’am

Monsieur – Mr. Sir

Ça va? – How are you ? (informal greeting)

Comment ça va? - How are you? (informal greeting)

Comment vas- tu? -  How are you? (informal greeting)

Comment allez-vous? – How are you?