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Dec 21, 2014

<p><a href="">"Finger-licking Haitian Recipes and Dishes</a> is a new book on Haitian dishes and recipes. It brings you information on why Haitians eat squash soup on January 1 every year.  If you want to enjoy Haitian fruits and vegetables, learn which ones you want to try first. ...

Learn Haitian Creole from Author Jean Boger Laferriere's "Alphabetical Haitian Creole Dictionary" - Apprenez le Creole Haitien avec ce livre!

Jul 26, 2014

Learn Haitian Creole.  Find texts and vocabulary.

Author Jean Boger Laferriere has just released a brand new book which will help you find all the words you need to know. It's a lexicon/dictionary.

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Feb 28, 2014

Le Téléphone (telephone): Mauvais Numéro (Wrong number), J’entends mal (I have a bad communication).

Un Problème avec le téléphone (a problem with the phone). On nous a coupés (we get disconnected).

Mon frère me telephone le matin. Comme je ne suis pas à la maison, je lui telephone le soir (my brother calls...

30 Minutes Before Death: Kevin Levin's Ebooks on Paul Walker's Charitable Work, ROWW, and Last Ride on Porsche Carrera GT

Jan 4, 2014

Kevin Levin wrote this ebook, "Paul Walker, an Angel Up in Heaven..." which has become an immediate bestseller on Amazon Kindle or Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP).

Book Sypnosis and Summary:

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