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"Tropics Romance Trilogy: Lonely Rich Women Seek Revenge, Meet Sexy Beach Boys and Paradise Gods," a new book by my friend Kandy K. Belle

Oct 27, 2012

Here is where you can find my friend's new book:

Find this new book on Amazon Kindle by clicking on the link shown below:

If you thought E.L James's 'Fifty Shades Trilogy' was hot, then think again.

Kandy Belle's book: Tropics Romance Trilogy (TRT): Lonely Rich Tourist Women Seek Revenge, Meet Sexy Beach Boys and...

Sixto Rodriguez. Rodriguez. Jesus Rodriguez: Rodriguez's Philosophy and ebook Guide to Happiness (The Sugar Man's Way)

Oct 14, 2012

Answering a question asked by a journalist over the lack of royalties Rodriguez has not received for over 40 years, he replied, "“Hate is too strong an emotion to waste on somebody you don’t like..."

You can purchase a copy of this ebook right here: Sixto Diaz Rodriguez's Philosophy: Rodriguez's eBook Guide to...

Free Creole Audio Sample of "Ann Pale Kreyol san Dlo nan Je - Parlons le Creole sans Pleurs - Let's Speak Creole without Tears

Oct 7, 2012

"Ann Pale Kreyòl ak Anglè san Dlo Nan Je – Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English without Tears" is written to simplify the teaching and learning of Haitian Creole and English. This book / ebook will provide you with ready-to-use expressions and phrases in both languages. It will get you familiar with the...