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Cell Phone Use in Haiti Helps Track Cholera Spread and Contributes to Overall Public Population Health

Aug 31, 2011

Population movements in the wake of disasters make it difficult to deliver the right amount of humanitarian aid to the right places. During the earthquake and ensuing cholera epidemic in Haiti, researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and Columbia University, USA, developed a new method for solving this problem...

DSK, a Free Man and for President - Freedom and Final Victory are Sweet - Next Victory in French Presidential Elections: Watch out Sarko!

Aug 22, 2011

The ebook that predicted DSK's Freedom: Find out how a series of events, lies, and stories set the man FREE!

Now that DSK is free, he needs to set his mind on being France's next president.

This ebook by Roland Ferrero "DSK: The Most Perfect Target / La Cible La Plus Parfaite - Pushing The Cleaning Cart: A Case...

La Baguette Vending Machine: Hot Baguette to Go: La Boulangerie de Demain or Tomorrow's Bakery

Aug 12, 2011

Et Voilà La Baguette Vending Machine: Baguette Prête-à-manger: Hot Baguette-to-go or La Boulangerie de Demain (Tomorrow’s Bakery)

Is this just a fad? Or is the Baguette Vending Machine the beginning sign of a changing way of life for most French? Please stop questioning. It is time to go with the times! Pourquoi...

A New Book on DSK: "Madame DSK: a Broken Destiny" by Authors Catherine Rambert and Renaud Revel

Aug 3, 2011

According to Le Nouvel Observateur, a French magazine, Madame Sinclair was so upset when she received the news of her husband's arrest that she howled and was unable to talk for a couple of hours. She immediately sought refuge at her financier friend's home where she collapsed.

This new book, "Madame Sinclair" gives...