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Lisez, Chantez et Apprenez Le Francais avec "Alleluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith...." Most of the Songs are in French! (La Plupart des Chants sont en Francais!)

Jun 15, 2011

Here is the first review of this book, "Allelluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal a listing of the most requested songs or hymns on It is the web site users' and authors' selections of their favorite hymns from the famous Chants d'esperance Francais et Creoles Haitiens. The authors of this release grew up singing these songs in the church and parochial schools they attended. They are songs such as "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" -"Quel Ami Fidele et Tendre Nous Avons en Jesus-Christ," "Quel Repos, Quel Repos" - "It is Well, It is Well...," etc. This book is a personal affair for the authors as they share their love of singing in French and Haitian creole...."

Get Your Copy Now: Here is where you can get a copy of this book: "Allelluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory...

Here is the testimony of one of the editors of this book, "Alleluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith (Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory)" brings you my favorite songs from "Les Chants D'Espérance Français et Créoles Haitiens." I know that many of these hymns are also your favorites. You have sent me mail, sought, and requested them at and elsewhere. You have indicated that you want to continue praising God with these songs. We grew up with many of these songs. We sang them in our respective churches and schools. Haitian protestants and churchgoers or even the non-churchgoers continue to sing them to find comfort and reassurance in good times and in times of catastrophic natural crisis...."