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La Baguette Vending Machine: Hot Baguette to Go: La Boulangerie de Demain or Tomorrow's Bakery

Aug 12, 2011

Et Voilà La Baguette Vending Machine: Baguette Prête-à-manger: Hot Baguette-to-go or La Boulangerie de Demain (Tomorrow’s Bakery)

Is this just a fad? Or is the Baguette Vending Machine the beginning sign of a changing way of life for most French? Please stop questioning. It is time to go with the times! Pourquoi tout ce changement? On se demande.

Is this the case of cultural trespassing? Is this the case of American McDonald’s playing a few tricks on the sacred cow or sacred ground of French bakery?

Well, read on to find out more about the invention of this French baker who got tired of people making late-night forage to his bakery only to find there no fresh baguette ready to be purchased. Shoppers were coming to shop at all times at his bakery below his apartment. Necessity being the cause of most inventions, he had been working on this personal project for a number of years. It was not without facing some early failures, but he would not give up. He was determined to bring fresh, warm baguettes to his customers at any time of the day and night.

The French baker’s name is Jean-Louise Hetcht. Mr. Hetcht did not get discouraged by the laughter and name-calling by some of his famous friend or competitor chefs. He knew a few things well. During the months of July and August or vacation time, most French bakeries are closed. They close down for vacation time which is highly looked forward to by everybody. After a certain time, one can not find fresh baguettes from any good bakeries. So he wanted to have a machine that would solve these two problems: installing a 24-hour automated, fresh baguette dispenser that would please his customers all the time.

The idea appears simple but it is loaded with technology. The machine would be loaded with pre-cooked bread. Once a customer has made his/her selection, it would spit out warm and ready-to-eat baguette.

Et voilà! Baguettes en main, de nouveaux clients qui partent heureux comme jamais!