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DSK: The Most Perfect Target / La Cible La Plus Parfaite - Pushing The Cleaning Cart: A Case of Imperfect Equals - A Free DSK Now and For Ever: DSK: The Comeback Dude of Thunder

Jul 7, 2011

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Should DSK accept a plea deal? Should he plead guilty to minor charges? Find out why he and his team of lawyers should push for complete freedom and exoneration. Find out how the complainant's lies and past dealings and storytelling abilities will set him free. Is this case a case of French seduction? DSK the Seducteur will some day walk free and for ever. That is what the author of this ebook wants you to know.

Based on the latest revelations, Roland Ferrero Laporte predicts that DSK will be a free man. Since his release from house arrest, he is half free. DSK will be free for Ever! Find out what Roland F. Laporte has to say about the whole drama in this new ebook