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A New Book on DSK: "Madame DSK: a Broken Destiny" by Authors Catherine Rambert and Renaud Revel

Aug 3, 2011

According to Le Nouvel Observateur, a French magazine, Madame Sinclair was so upset when she received the news of her husband's arrest that she howled and was unable to talk for a couple of hours. She immediately sought refuge at her financier friend's home where she collapsed.

This new book, "Madame Sinclair" gives you a detailed account of what Mrs. Sinclair was doing when she received the news that will change her husband's political ambitions and her life for ever. DSK was arrested for forcing himself onto a maid at the posh New York hotel, Sofitel.

In his phone call to his wife, DSK said that there is serious problem in New York and that he had lost his IMF-issued cell phone. Nothing else!

Yet, Sinclair's former husband, a journalist, heard the news as he was getting ready to get on the air. He called his ex-wife to inform him of the New York development.