Here is where you can find my friend's new book:

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If you thought E.L James's 'Fifty Shades Trilogy' was hot, then think again.

Kandy Belle's book: Tropics Romance Trilogy (TRT): Lonely Rich Tourist Women Seek Revenge, Meet Sexy Beach Boys and Paradise Gods: Tropics Romance Trilogy

Book Review

This romance novel series 'Tropics Romance Trilogy or TRT' promises to be riveting. Author Kandy Belle empowers lonely western women to seek and create their own happiness. Rejected in their own culture for being too old, too fat, unattractive, and too ugly despite all their beauty products, nips and tucks, these women take it upon themselves to get out and travel to meet accepting and willing men of another culture who can provide them with the healing sugar or the new elexir. Many of these women are successful business women and entrepreneurs who broke through the glass ceiling by creating great businesses in corporate america. Now that they've reached the peak of the summit and have been considered the epitome of success by any other means, they are making time to seek sensual, erotic pleasures on the best, pricey all-inclusive beach hotel resorts spread over many Caribbean and Latin American countries. Without any financial stress and kids to tie them down, they are up and about in their search for rejuvenation and pleasure for pleasure's sake.

Author Kandy Belle invites you to follow the adventures of these three lonely but brave women on the beaches of the Caribbean, extending from Barbados, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and all the way to Brazil. Throughout 'Tropics Romance Trilogy,' author Kandy Belle has done a great job of showing that three women (Magna, Deanna, and Martina)are not ready to accept their American males' condemnation and blatant rejection. For them, it's about people's most basic need to connect, express and feel through sexuality. These women will reconsider the notions of love, attraction, the mating dance, and the challenges of keeping up with societal norms.

Enjoy your reading of this trilogy that could be titled 'Lonely Rich Western Women Hit the Tropics.' And why not them now? Men, European or western men, have done it for centuries.

Here is where you can find my friend's new book:

Kandy Belle's book: Tropics Romance Trilogy: Lonely Rich Tourist Women Seek Revenge,Meet Beach Boys and Paradise Gods: Tropics Romance Trilogy

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Sixto Rodriguez.  Rodriguez.  Jesus Rodriguez:  Rodriguez's Philosophy and ebook Guide to Happiness (The Sugar Man's Way)

Answering a question asked by a journalist over the lack of royalties Rodriguez has not received for over 40 years, he replied, "“Hate is too strong an emotion to waste on somebody you don’t like..."

You can purchase a copy of this ebook right here: Sixto Diaz Rodriguez's Philosophy: Rodriguez's eBook Guide to Happiness

Rodriguez writes and sings about some universal themes. Most importantly, he writes about the subjects any Detroiter or any resident of Michigan can relate to. He writes about the people who inhabit his surroundings. Just like Philip Levine's body of works, Rodriguez writes about the working-class Detroit and the motif of the heartland. Rodriguez's songs are timeless and insightful. They are about drugs, love, lust, power, human frailty, greed, the rich and poor, the cry of children, the oppressed and the oppressor. No wonder that his music made him as popular if not more popular than Elvis, Dylan, and the Beatles put together in places such as South Africa and Australia. Rodriguez is the true example of the man who is not recognized by his own people but is made hero in another culture or beyond his own borders. He is a genius. A giant. A superhero anywhere else but his own country.

Thanks to Steven Sugarman and the South African fans!

Thanks to Malik Bendjelloul for Searching for Sugar Man!

The PDF copy of this ebook is available below:

Book Review

"Sixto Diaz Rodriguez’s Philosophy: Rodriguez’s eBook Guide to Happiness" is about the man, the legend, and the genius who was not aware of his Rock and Roll fame in other parts of the world. It is about Jesus Rodriguez. Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, the folk musician from Detroit, Michigan who has been given a rebirth thanks to the efforts of two South Africans who launched a search party to find out what happened to their favorite singer and song-writer. Rodriguez, as he prefers to be called now, produced two albums, Cold Fact and Coming From Reality, respectively in 1971 and 1972. They received rave reviews, but they did not sell enough copies. Bootleggers managed to take copies to South Africa and Australia where Rodriguez has had a huge following. He did not know about his popularity on those shores. He was busy demolishing and remodeling homes in the United States to make a living. Music was not paying his bills. The release of this movie/documentary "Searching for Sugar Man" was going to change things. As they say, the rest is just history.

Rodriguez's Tour Dates: Based on the following list of tour dates, Rodriguez remains a very busy musician. He is making up for all the lost years of being snubbed by the music industry! Way to go, Rodriguez!

Sat November 17, 2012 London, England, Royal Festival Hall, 07:00

Sat November 03, 2012 Cleveland, OH, Beachland Ballroom, 08:00

Fri November 02, 2012 Pontiac, MI, The Crofoot Ballroom, 07:00

Thu November 01, 2012 Columbus, OH, Ohio State University - Wexner Center, 07:30PM

Sun October 28, 2012 Philadelphia, PA, Wold Cafe Live, 08:00

Sun October 28, 2012 Philadelphia, PA, World Cafe, 07:00

Sat October 27, 2012 Sommerville, MA, Johnny D's, 07:00

Fri October 26, 2012 Montreal, QC, Il Motore, 08:00

Thu October 25, 2012 Toronto, Ontario, The Mod Club, 07:00

Tue October 23, 2012 Houston, TX, House Of Blues - Bronze Peacock, 08:00

Mon October 22, 2012 Dallas, TX, House Of Blues - Cambridge Room, 08:00

Sun October 21, 2012 Austin, TX, Antones, 08:00

Sat October 13, 2012 Portland, Oregon, Wonder Ballroom, 07:00

Fri October 12, 2012 Seattle, Showbox at the Market, 08:00 LITA 10 Year Anniversary Show! W/Michael Chapman and Donnie & Joe Emerson

Thu October 11, 2012 Vancouver, BC, The Venue, 07:00

Sat September 29, 2012 San Francisco, CA, Bimbo's 365 Club, 08:00

Fri September 28, 2012 Los Angeles, The El Rey, 08:00 LITA 10 Year Anniversary Show! W/ Shin Joong Hyun & Michael Chapman

Wed September 26, 2012 San Diego, CA, The Casbah, 07:00

Sun September 23, 2012 Minneapolis, MN, Weismann Art Museum, 07:00

Fri September 21, 2012 Columbia, MO, Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival, 11:00

Thu September 20, 2012 Chicago, IL, Lincoln Hall, 09:00

Sun September 02, 2012 Northhampton, MA, Iron Horse, 07:00

Fri August 31, 2012 New York, NY, Highline Ballroom, 08:00

Thu August 30, 2012 Washington, DC, Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, 07:00

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Free Creole Audio Sample of "Ann Pale Kreyol san Dlo nan Je - Parlons le Creole sans Pleurs  - Let's Speak Creole without Tears

"Ann Pale Kreyòl ak Anglè san Dlo Nan Je – Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English without Tears" is written to simplify the teaching and learning of Haitian Creole and English. This book / ebook will provide you with ready-to-use expressions and phrases in both languages. It will get you familiar with the structures and phraseology of both Haitian Creole and English. Those who want to vacation in Haiti and the United States will find context-based dialogues and conversations. Short-term missionaries, vacationers, and volunteers will enjoy the tools and supplies section of the book.

Listen to a Free Sample audio of this ebook right here:Sample Audio of "Ann Pale Kreyol san Dlo nan Je.

Help us keep our lesson samples FREE by signing up at

You can purchase a copy of this ebook right on this page on KDP now

Purchase a PDF Copy of "Ann Pale Kreyòl ak Anglè san Dlo Nan Je – Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English without Tears"

Find additional information at,, and

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