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Maranatha A Cappella Songs of Hope, Praise, Faith, and Joy

No. 27 des Chants d’Espérance (Réveillons-Nous)


A Dieu soit la gloire

Par son grand amour

Dans mon âme noire

S’est levé le jour

Jésus à ma place

Mourut sur la croix

Il m’offre sa grace

Et je la reçois


Gloire à Dieu, Gloire à Dieu!

Terre écoute sa voix!

Gloire à Dieu, Gloire à Dieu!

Monde, réjouis-toi!

Oh! Venez au père

Jésus est vainqueur

Que toute la terre

Chante en son honneur!


De Jésus la joie

Remplit notre Coeur

Qu’importe qu’on voie

Tout notre Bonheur.

Selon sa promesse,

Jésus changera

Deuil en allégresse;

Quand il reviendra.


Céleste patrie,

Mon Coeur pense à toi

Là, mon âme unie

A Jésus son Roi

Bénira sans cesse

Le grand Dieu sauveur

Qui dans sa tendresse

Sauve le pécheur!

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Have you been reading about the "Country of the Future?" You must have been thinking about the land of the Cariocas. You must have been thinking about Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo for sure. Cariocas love beach, sun, sea, and music-laden large parties where all kinds of beverages are consumed. Carioca women are known for their tanned skin, body shapes and bikinis. From Ipanema to Rio de Janeiro all the way to the Amazons, Brazil is going through a booming construction development. All sectors of the Brazilian economy are booming. Despite the recession that hits many Eurepean countries and some of her neighbors, Brazil is growing without any problems.

Many people want to go to Brazil in search of jobs. They come from all over the world. From Portuguese from Portugal, France, England, USA, Canada, Haiti and Brazil's neighbors, Brazil's fledging economy attracts all the workers who want to work. Some people prefer to go to Brazil than New New York.

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More and More Americans Speak Another Language

In Gray Matter,'s Michael Erard questioned whether Americans are truly monolingual. He also reported what Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at the Foreign Language Summit in 2010. "For too long, Americans have relied on other countries to speak our language," the secretary said. "But we won't be able to do that in the increasingly complex and interconnected world."

For some reasons, many people believe that not too many Americans speak several languages. They assume that few Americans speak more than one language. However, it has been shown that more and more Americans are learning foreign languages to conduct their business, for travel purposes, and to communicate with their employees.

Then, the reporter made this declaration, "I know I’m not alone. There are countless Americans who speak languages other than English outside their homes: not just those of us who have learned other languages in school or through living abroad, but also employers who have learned enough Spanish to speak to their employees; workers in hospitals, clinics, courts and retail stores who have picked up parts of another language to make their jobs easier; soldiers back from Iraq or Afghanistan with some competency in Arabic, Pashto or Dari; third-generation kids studying their heritage language in informal schools on weekends; spouses and partners picking up the language of a loved one’s family; enthusiasts learning languages with computer software like Rosetta Stone. None of the above are identified as bilingual by the Census Bureau’s question.....

Category:ESL+EFL Language Lessons -- posted at: 5:43am PDT

When was it seen as a bad thing to speak another foreign language? When was speaking French seen as non cool? Any ad that is promoting the dumbing down of America is not cool.

In an attack ad released by the New Gingrich's campaign, millionaire businessman and former Chief Executive of the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is criticized by fellow Republican Newt Gingrich for being able to read and speak French fluently.

The backers of these ad attacks seem to have forgotten that Newt Gingrich has a doctorate in European History. Back in 1971, he submitted a dissertation, Belgian Education Policy in the Congo 1945-1960. The dissertation had a lot of French sources in its bibliography. How can those who prepared the ad miss such an important fact? Even Newt must have known some French to be able to conduct all his research for his dissertation. Otherwise, how else would he have made reference to all these French sources?

Speaking another language should be applauded by whoever has the means and intelligence to acquire it. Mitt Romney learned French when he was a Mormon missionary in Paris and Bordeaux in the 1960s. In business and in culture, the language has served Mitt Romney well. Releasing such a video attack ad will not encourage American students to learn a foreign language.

The ad attackers are linking Sen. John Kerry who speaks French fluently and lost to George Bush to Mitt Romney's French Connection. The message they are conveying is that French-speaking Romney will lose to President Obama just like Kerry lost to George Bush.

Let's not mingle politics with culture and intelligence. There is no reason to criticize somebody for knowing French. The attack ad may not sit well with the reality of the country. Most Americans like French. They would like to learn and speak French. French may be one of the languages that most of them would like to learn if they could.

Do not pay attention to the attack ad video that comes to discourage you and keep you away from meeting your linguistic goals. Speaking French is cool. Students should learn the language.

Category:Famous People Who Speak French -- posted at: 8:58am PDT

Preview to “Top Haitian Creole Multilingual Phrasebook+: Read Free and Learn 4 Romance Languages in One Book

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This is only a free Sample:

The Top Haitian Creole Multilingual Phrasebook+: Read Free and Learn 4 Romance Languages in One Book:


1. Ki kote / kote w ye la-a? - Oú es-tu? – Dónde estás? – Where are you?

2. Alo Pipirit, s-ak pase? / Sa k-ap fèt? – Allo, Pipirite, ça bouge? / comment ça va ? – Ola, Pipirit, ¿qué tal ? – Hello, Pipirit, What’s up ?

3. Ou rete andeyò oubyen nan vil? – Habites-tu la campagne ou la ville ? - ¿Vives en el campo o en la ciudad ? – Do you live in the countrysideor the city ?

4. Mwen dakò avèk ou – Je suis d’accord avec toi. – Estoy de acuerdo contigo – I agree with you.

5. Ki laj ou? / Ki laj ou genyen? – De combien d’années es-tu agé? -¿Qué edad tienes ? – How old are you?

6. M gen trantan – Je suis agé de 30 ans – Tengo 30 años de edad. – I am 30 years old.

7. Pòte w byen / Pòte ou byen – Prends soin de toi – Ten cuidado - Take care of yourself

8. Ki jan ou ye ? / Kóman ou ye ? / Kouman ou ye ? - Comment vas-tu ? (Comment allez-vous ?) - ¿Cómo estás ? – How are you ?

9. M byen / M la / Pa mal / Pa pi buyen ni pi mal, mèsi – Je suis bien. Merci – Bien. Gracias – Fine. Thank you.

10. Eskize-m – Excuse-moi – Disculpe / Dispense / Perdone – Excuse-me

11. Padone-m – Pardonne-moi - Perdóneme / Discúlpeme / Dispénseme – Pardon me ! / Forgive me !

12. Sa-k Pase ? M-ap boule – Comment ça va? Bien. / ça bouge ici? Oui ça bouge / Quelles sont les dernières nouvelles? / Qu’est-ce qu’il y de nouveau ? - ¿Qué onda ? / ¿Qué pasa? / ¿Qué hay de nuevo? – What’s going on ? / What’s up? (Wazzzupp)

#######End of the free sample. Now purchase a copy of the ebook #########

The Top Haitian Creole Multilingual Phrasebook+: Read Free and Learn 4 Romance Languages in One Book:

Other resources:

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“Learn Haitian Creole in a few Days……”

“Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol: Let’s Speak a Little Creole….”

1st List of Haitian Creole Phrases:

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Learn Haitian Creole in One Week – Aprendan el Criollo Haitiano Dentro de Una Semana – Aprann Kreyòl Nan yon Semèn – Apprenez le Créole Haitien Dans une Semaine

Sa-k Pase? N-ap Boule Textbook: Learn Haitian Creole Textbook

Learn Haitian Creole Today – Aprendan el Criollo Haitiano Hoy Dia – Aprann Kreyòl Jodi-a

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Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference……


French Textbook and Notes for English Speakers:

Very Popular Haitian Creole Phrases, Sayings, and Expressions

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Aprann Kreyòl – Apprenez le Créole Haitien – Aprendan el Criollo Haitiano – Learn Haitian Creole



Traduzcan /Translate/Tradwi/Traduisez


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