Population movements in the wake of disasters make it difficult to deliver the right amount of humanitarian aid to the right places. During the earthquake and ensuing cholera epidemic in Haiti, researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and Columbia University, USA, developed a new method for solving this problem – they monitored the continual movements of two million anonymous mobile phones and reported directly to the humanitarian relief organisations on the ground. The method, which is now presented in the scientific journal PLoS Medicine, may have a major impact on future disaster relief.

Every year, over 100 million people are affected by disasters, and many of them move from their homes, leaving them in dire need of help. Despite the huge sums of money spent on delivering humanitarian aid to disaster-struck areas, there is often a severe lack of basic information on the locations of the people in need of help as well as of the number of people who have left the disaster area. This seriously hampers aid coordinators in their efforts to deliver the right amount of supplies to the right places, even when sufficient resources are available.

"This is a huge problem, but by using data supplied by mobile phone operators, we now have a good chance of charting the movements of populations in disaster situations," says Dr Linus Bengtsson, doctoral student at Karolinska Institutet, who has led the development of the method.

After the Haiti earthquake of January 2010, there were reports of large migrations of people out of the capital Port-au-Prince. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Columbia University in New York sought the cooperation of Digicel, the largest mobile phone operator in Haiti, and started to monitor the daily movements of two million mobile phones by analysing anonymised data on which mobile phone towers were used to make calls. They then reported their analyses directly to the UN and other aid organisations working in Haiti.

Later that year, Haiti was struck by a serious outbreak of cholera.

"We rapidly received mobile phone data and within 12 hours we were able to send out analyses describing which areas had received people from the cholera outbreak zone in order to provide information on areas at potentially increased risk of new outbreaks," says Dr Bengtsson.

The results of their analyses are now published in PLoS Medicine. In their paper, the researchers estimate that over 600,000 people had left Port-au-Prince 19 days after the earthquake, and trace the migration patterns over the country on maps. They also show how the movements of the mobile phones matched those of a large UN-led study conducted in a stable phase six months later. At the same time, their analyses differed widely from the estimated migration patterns that were used during the initial phase of the relief response.

"Our work was very much appreciated by the aid organisations on the ground, and we believe that the method can bring about important improvements in humanitarian relief and development cooperation," says Dr Bengtsson. "We're now setting up a non-profit organisation to carry out this type of analyses on a routine basis during future disasters."

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DSK, a Free Man and for President - Freedom and Final Victory are Sweet - Next Victory in French Presidential Elections: Watch out Sarko!

The ebook that predicted DSK's Freedom: Find out how a series of events, lies, and stories set the man FREE!

Now that DSK is free, he needs to set his mind on being France's next president.

This ebook by Roland Ferrero "DSK: The Most Perfect Target / La Cible La Plus Parfaite - Pushing The Cleaning Cart: A Case of Imperfect Equals

A FREE DSK: Libéré Sur Parole et Définitivement

DSK: The Comeback Dude of Thunder

The ebook that predicted DSK's Freedom: Find out how a series of events, lies, and stories set the man FREE!

La Lutte Est La Mienne. La Douce Victoire Finale Sera Aussi La Mienne" predicted DSK's freedom.

This is a story that shows the complexity of our modern lives and the motivations and interests of individuals, our elected officials, politicians, and legal and illegal actions.

Free from house arrest in the first place, Strauss-Khan is now a completely free man. He can even return to France. With the Manhattan prosecutors' revelations of the accuser's past lies and other potential illegal activities, and storytelling/story memorizing abilities, DSK and his team of lawyers had to push for complete dismissal of the charges against him.

The Public Defenders could not do anything else. They had to share what they had uncovered. Otherwise, they could be called as witnesses.

"La lutte est dure mais la victoire finale sera la mienne," DSK peut se dire chaque jour.

Freedom and victory are now his for ever!!!!

Find out the past lies that have set him free for ever, the revelations by the Manhattan prosecutors to DSK team, how the complainant lied to the proscutors' face with her inconsistent stories regarding her immigration, tax issues, and phone calls to somebody in jail. etc.

The ebook that predicted DSK's Freedom: Find out how a series of events, lies, and stories set the man FREE!

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You can buy a copy of this book 'Top Secret Sexual Guidance and Fertility Tips for Married Couples, Divorced Parents, and Singles: One Hundred Sexual Twists and Turns and Decoding Intense Sex Dreams' at Barnes and Noble as a Nook book.

This is a hot book, sort of a la Zane erotica series, but the only difference is that it is a book of poems, reviews, and short essays on important subjects and topics ranging from dating, mail brides, lonely American and Canadian men and women, falling in love after divorce, the dos and dont's of dating, the new dating scene, whether it is appropriate to hire a dating coach, where to go to meet single parents, the lows of divorce court, infidelity, dumb cheating with smartphones, fertility issues, getting caught sexting while married or in a relationship, narcissism to social media preaching and building instant gratification and a me-generation etc.

Ruth Anne Lovemore and Christopher Luis Charlemagne have done a good job addressing the above mentioned topics and much more in this new book. Using their combined fields of work, psychology, psychiatry, therapy, ABS or behavior management, these two authors got tired or listening to the stories of their close friends and family members who had to go through divorce, separation and heartache. They decide to help them decipher and come to terms with the various facts of their particular cases and move on with their shattered lives. Miss Lovemore and Mr. Charlemagne present and synthesize real stories of real people who want to seek love in the wrong places and from the wrong kind of people.

The authors write about subjects such as how to make a baby, fertility issues, natural fruits and foods that boost sexual drive and may lead to pregnancy. They also show the importance of prayers and connectedness in their quest and pregnancy adventures.

This is a great read for anybody who has ever fallen in love, gotten out of love, or is thinking about dating again or getting married some day.

You will learn things that are not taught in college, business schools and universities. The authors themselves do not rely solely on their Western or pedagogic, didactic knowledge to write this book and make their recommendations. They use the school of hard knocks too.

You can buy a copy of this book 'Top Secret Sexual Guidance and Fertility Tips for Married Couples, Divorced Parents, and Singles: One Hundred Sexual Twists and Turns and Decoding Intense Sex Dreams' at Barnes and Noble as a Nook book.

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Et Voilà La Baguette Vending Machine: Baguette Prête-à-manger: Hot Baguette-to-go or La Boulangerie de Demain (Tomorrow’s Bakery)

Is this just a fad? Or is the Baguette Vending Machine the beginning sign of a changing way of life for most French? Please stop questioning. It is time to go with the times! Pourquoi tout ce changement? On se demande.

Is this the case of cultural trespassing? Is this the case of American McDonald’s playing a few tricks on the sacred cow or sacred ground of French bakery?

Well, read on to find out more about the invention of this French baker who got tired of people making late-night forage to his bakery only to find there no fresh baguette ready to be purchased. Shoppers were coming to shop at all times at his bakery below his apartment. Necessity being the cause of most inventions, he had been working on this personal project for a number of years. It was not without facing some early failures, but he would not give up. He was determined to bring fresh, warm baguettes to his customers at any time of the day and night.

The French baker’s name is Jean-Louise Hetcht. Mr. Hetcht did not get discouraged by the laughter and name-calling by some of his famous friend or competitor chefs. He knew a few things well. During the months of July and August or vacation time, most French bakeries are closed. They close down for vacation time which is highly looked forward to by everybody. After a certain time, one can not find fresh baguettes from any good bakeries. So he wanted to have a machine that would solve these two problems: installing a 24-hour automated, fresh baguette dispenser that would please his customers all the time.

The idea appears simple but it is loaded with technology. The machine would be loaded with pre-cooked bread. Once a customer has made his/her selection, it would spit out warm and ready-to-eat baguette.

Et voilà! Baguettes en main, de nouveaux clients qui partent heureux comme jamais!

According to Le Nouvel Observateur, a French magazine, Madame Sinclair was so upset when she received the news of her husband's arrest that she howled and was unable to talk for a couple of hours. She immediately sought refuge at her financier friend's home where she collapsed.

This new book, "Madame Sinclair" gives you a detailed account of what Mrs. Sinclair was doing when she received the news that will change her husband's political ambitions and her life for ever. DSK was arrested for forcing himself onto a maid at the posh New York hotel, Sofitel.

In his phone call to his wife, DSK said that there is serious problem in New York and that he had lost his IMF-issued cell phone. Nothing else!

Yet, Sinclair's former husband, a journalist, heard the news as he was getting ready to get on the air. He called his ex-wife to inform him of the New York development.

Category:DSK-Dossier-Crime-Prosecution -- posted at: 8:37am PDT



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