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We would like to welcome you to our French Lesson Podcast today. La Baguette French Lesson exists to help you learn one of the most beautiful languages of the world. We will focus mostly on the influence of French in the Americas, Le Français en Amérique! We will take a look at the role and world of Francophonie too. We will teach French as it relates to other languages such as English as it is used in Canada, Spanish from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, to Argentina, French-based Creole languages and Haitian Creole from Haiti to Martinique etc. The most important thing to remember here is that we will teach standard French which will allow you to communicate to anybody who speaks French all over the world. We will stay away from the regionalisms that pertain to specific regions. Apprenez le Français avec nous maintenant! Find our first lesson right on this page! Listen to This Free Sample of LaBaguetteFrenchLesson Here is the link to the first LaBaguetteFrenchLesson episode Visit our blog to obtain the accompanying vocabulary: LaBaguetteFrenchLesson blog provides you with the vocabulary for each episode.


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Dialogue-Building Vocabulary :



Salut ! – Hi (informal greeting)

Madame – Mrs, Ma’am

Monsieur – Mr. Sir

Ça va? – How are you ? (informal greeting)

Comment ça va? - How are you? (informal greeting)

Comment vas- tu? -  How are you? (informal greeting)

Comment allez-vous? – How are you? (formal greeting)

Ça va – O.K.

Ça va bien.  Ça va mal – Good / bad

Comme ci, comme ça – So, so

Merci – Thank you

Et vous ? Et toi ? – And you ?

Au revoir – Goodbye !

A demain ! – See you tomorrow !

Bonjour! – Hello

Bonsoir! - Good afternoon, Salut!

Se presenter – to introduce onself

Présentez-vous – Introduce yourself

Se serer la main – to shake hands

Comment t’appelles-tu? – What’s your name? (informal)

Comment vous appelez-vous? – What’s your name ? (formal)

Enchanté (e) – Pleased to meet you


Notes Culturelles: La Bise, le Bisou – The Famous Kiss !

While men shake hands, women tend to kiss each other in French-speaking countries.  Yes, people gently kiss each other on the cheek or shake hands when they meet.  As they leave, people also kiss or give a handshake.  Le bisou usually starts on the right cheek.  The number of kisses may vary depending on your relationship and the warmth of your encounter.  In French-speaking countries, the space between the speakers is also shorter.  That is very different in English-speaking countries. 


French Spelling:  You too can spell in French

(é) e accent aigu

(è) e accent grave

(ê) e accent circonflexe

(ç) cedille

(ë) Tréma


Ecoutez et Répétez ces mots :

Pratiquons le son : ch

Chat (m.), Chatte (fem.) – Cat (Kreyòl : chat)

Charmant (adj.) – Charming (Kreyol: bwòdè)

Chameau (m.) – Camel (Kreyòl: Chamo)

Cher (adj.)  - Expensive (Kreyòl: Chè)

Achète (verb) – Buy (Kreyòl: Achte)

Chemise (feminine noun) – Shirt (Kreyòl: Chemiz)

Chose (fem. Noun) – Thing (Kreyòl: Bagay)

Chocolat (masculine noun) – Chocolate (Kreyòl: Chokola)

Chou (m. noun) – Cabbage  (Kreyòl: Chou)

Marché (m. noun) – Market (Kreyòl: Mache)

Poche (fem. Noun) – Pocket (Kreyòl: Pòch)

Chemin (m. noun) – Way (Kreyòl: Chemen)

Changer (verb) – to Change (Kreyòl: Chanje)


Here are a few exceptions: Ch is pronounced like ‘K.”

Choeur  - Chorus; Choléra – Cholera; Orchestre – Orchestra; Psychanalyse – Psychanalysis; Psychologie – Psychology; Psychiatrie – Psychiatry; écho – echo ; archaïc – archaic, old, ancient ; archange – archangel etc.

Ecoutez et Répétez ces mots :

Let’s practice the ‘gn’ sound : /ɲ/ 

Digne – worthy; Espagne – Spain; Pologne – Poland; Allemagne – Germany; Compagnie – Company; Campagne – Countryside; Cognac – Cognac;

Let’s practice the ‘th’ sound /t/

Sympathique – Sympathetic; Gothique – Gothic; mathématiques – mathematics ; Théologie – Theology ; Pathétique – Pathetic ; Théatre – Theater ; Bibliothèque – Library ;






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